Society of Television Lighting & Design

Society of Television Lighting & Design

The Society provides a forum that stimulates a free exchange of ideas in all aspects of the television profession. It promotes discussion on techniques and the use and design of equipment.


The Society aims to help and encourage the training and assistance of students and others wishing to pursue a career in the Television Lighting Industry. Professional meetings are organised throughout the UK and abroad. The Society's magazine publishes technical information and news about members and their activities.


The Society has no union affiliations and is therefore recognised as a valuable platform for open discussion and demonstration by Production, Management and Industry. The Society is financed by members' subscriptions and commercial sponsorship.


The Society changed its name to The Society of Television Lighting and Design when it Incorporated the Society of TELEVISION LIGHTING DIRECTORS at its AGM in 2009.

What is the STLD?

What is the STLD?

Training Together with our members and our sponsors, we actively support the next generation of broadcast lighting professionals
Engagement We host meetings throughout the year to gather our members to show them the latest from the industry
Members Our membership is made up of a mixture of Lighting Directors, Programmers, Production Electricians, Vision, Engineers and other production roles.
Online A range of online material on our website, featuring articles and training material available on-demand
Forum A community to ask questions and seek advice for your latest project
Magazine 'Set & Light' We publish three issues per year of our journal, a professionally edited and printed magazine containing the latest industry news, articles & sponsor news
Industry Backed
A word from our Sponsor Liaison
A word from our Sponsor Liaison Bernie Davis

Industry Backed

An important part of the STLD is its range of sponsor members. The Society was formed nearly 50 years ago with the aim of promoting the free exchange of ideas and information between Lighting Directors and with associated companies and organisations, and thanks to the good work of those who set up the Society it is still thriving even in this fast-changing industry, and our membership now extends to all professionals in television lighting including Lighting Directors, Directors of Photography, Designers, Programmers, and Vision Operators. We also reach out to students interested in the TV industry to help them make new contacts.


We organise regular meetings on a variety of topics, and Sponsors are of course invited to attend them. These meetings can be a useful way of getting end-user feedback for companies as well as offering promotion of new products and services. They are also excellent social occasions! We regularly visit Sponsors’ premises and events, and meetings like this always prove popular with the membership. We are always looking for ideas for new meetings and if you have any suggestions, or if you would like to host a meeting do please contact us. 


All our activities and meetings get reported in our journal ‘Set & Light’ which comes out three times a year. The magazine also includes a Sponsor News section where we report on anything going on with Sponsor companies. 

Sponsors can take out advertising in the magazine, and you should be aware that while the magazine does not have the largest of circulations, it reaches a very concentrated target of readers who read the magazine cover to cover and even keep issues for future reference.

Why join?

Year round member meetings

Invitations to our Member Meetings throughout the year. Visiting a variety of places to stimulate conversation in the industry, looking backstage at the current productions, the latest facilities, and go to social gatherings and meet others involved with the TV craft.

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Pile of Set&Light magazines

With three issues published throughout the year, our professional magazine showcases articles on the latest from the industry and from our members on their lighting activity

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Regular news, articles, and on-demand training material are all available for our members.

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A forum for discussion

The STLD is central in being a one-stop place to discover other members and industry sponsors who can discuss and collaborate on your latest project. Find the Members and Sponsors directories on our website where you can send messages.

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    Interested in supporting us? We take pride in being supported by companies of all sizes, and your sponsorship goes directly to supporting our activities and furthering our craft. Our membership then gets the benefits of learning more about your business.

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