Founded in 1910, Rosco is a leader in products for the entertainment, and film & television industries. Perhaps best known for its lighting filters, the company offers several different innovative lighting products.
- DMG Lighting™ fixtures – a range of LED soft lights that feature Rosco’s patented six-chip MIX® technology for producing enhanced colour mixing and superior skin tones.
- DMG LION™ – a 13” LED Fresnel with swappable LED engines that brings a powerhouse light to any studio space.
- DMG DASH™ – an LED pocket light that is portable and versatile, making it the perfect ENG light for interviews.
- Miro Cube® 2 – available in colour mixing or tunable white light units, these compact and powerful LED fixtures deliver bright and clear light despite their small size. Perfect for areas with low ceilings.
- RoscoLED™ Tape – a flexible, adaptable, and easy-to-install tape that provides high-quality, consistent light, which can be used to backlight set elements.
- OPTI-SCULPT – plastic lenses that are designed to precisely shape the beam of studio lights.
- e-colour+ - Rosco’s most popular gel range, which features filters and materials for colour correction, colour effects, diffusion and reflection.
- RoscoShades and RoscoVIEW – these unique window control systems offer an unprecedented level of control for controlling daylight entering a studio.
- Chroma Key System - a comprehensive solution for green and blue screen production that includes a range of paint, floor, and textile products designed to create a seamless and effective chroma key setup.