Clay Paky
Clay Paky




Claypaky is a world-renowned brand, widely recognized as the provider of choice for the professional high-end entertainment lighting market. With a long-standing reputation for innovation and exceptional customer service, we are the go-to brand discerning professionals in the industry.

Italian design
Claypaky is an Italian company with R&D, manufacturing and all other functions located in Bergamo where also all our high-end products are designed, engineered and manufactured. We keep increasing our investments into people, processes and new machinery equipment to constantly improve our supply chain with the focus on in-house production of innovative, high end products. Claypaky is truly an international company – with a global supply chain, distribution partners, sales people all around the world we are ready top serve your needs locally. The secrets behind Claypaky’s success are – differentiation and stylish Italian design. All the products are designed and include the special “Clay Paky signature”, visible at thousands of spectacular events to be staged all over the world.

An extensive portfolio
With our exceptional in-house skills, extensive experience in designing remarkable fixtures, and a relentless hunger for innovation, we have the ability to produce truly groundbreaking lighting systems. Our strong customer relationships further ignite our drive to create solutions capable of inspiring and entrancing. Our innovative lighting systems are designed to generate fascinating and exciting light settings, delivering unforgettable entertainment experiences. Every day, we embrace the challenge of developing robust and reliable products that incorporate the latest advancements in technology. Our goal is to provide industry professionals with the best possible tools to unleash their creativity. We pride ourselves on rising to the challenge of meeting even the most demanding requirements with a wide range of products, solutions, and services that cater to the entertainment industry’s diverse needs.

Innovation leader
Astroraggi, Super Scan, Sharpy… These are just a few examples of Claypaky’s rich tradition as a disruptor and innovator. As longstanding leaders in the entertainment lighting world, we have consistently paved the way, transforming visions into reality via cutting-edge innovation. Building upon this legacy, we continue to pioneer, surprise, and distinguish ourselves in the entertainment lighting market. Our portfolio boasts innovative products like Xtylos, Skylos, Sinfonya, and CloudIO, each enhanced with our proprietary technologies that offer our customers unique benefits that set them apart. Driven by our passion for innovation, we are committed to propelling the industry forward, positioning ourselves at the forefront of lighting innovation.